Care Plans

First service free with a 5-year Care Plan

Volkswagen Care Plans1 cover your first 3 or 5 scheduled services, offering you great value, hassle-free servicing.

You'll get your first service for FREE when you purchase a 5-year Care Plan with any model in the Volkswagen range.

To purchase a Volkswagen Care Plan, simply speak to the team at Taree Volkswagen today.

Find out if you are eligible for a Care Plan

Buying a new Volkswagen?
For new vehicle buyers

Buying a new Volkswagen?

Anyone buying a new Volkswagen is eligible to purchase a Volkswagen Care Plan1. Ask the team at Taree Volkswagen about bundling your Volkswagen Care Plan with your finance.

Already bought a Volkswagen?
For owners

Already bought a Volkswagen?

If your Volkswagen has not yet had its first scheduled service and is no more than 15 months old with less than 22,500kms on the odometer (with the exception of Volkswagen Crafter models being no more than 30,000kms) you are eligible to purchase a Volkswagen Care Plan1.

Why it's so good

Why it's so good
  • Save money
    First scheduled service FREE1 when you purchase a 5-year Care Plan1 with any Volkswagen model.
  • Peace of mind
    Pricing is set at today’s rates for the life of the plan.
  • Flexible payment options
    Ask about including your Volkswagen Care Plan1 with your finance or buy outright.
  • Transferable
    Volkswagen Care Plans are transferable from owner to owner for the same vehicle identification number (VIN), in case you decide to sell your Volkswagen.
  • Adds value to your vehicle
    Enhances the resale value on your Volkswagen.
  • Convenient
    Flexibility to service with any Volkswagen dealership across Australia1.

Your care Plan benefits

Your care Plan benefits
  • All items in your scheduled service, such as labour, parts and fluids.
  • Volkswagen technicians will work on your vehicle and will only use Volkswagen Genuine Parts®.
  • All parts come with two years warranty2.
  • Volkswagen’s safety and diagnostic check.
  • Volkswagen Roadside Assistance3 - renewed at each completed scheduled service, for the duration of your Care Plan1.

Simpler. More predictable. Better value.

Whether you choose to pay up front or include with your new vehicle finance – you’ll have true peace of mind for your servicing costs. Plus, with every 5-year Care Plan, you'll get your first scheduled service for FREE.

To purchase a Volkswagen Care Plan, simply speak to the team at Taree Volkswagen today.